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About Me

Adeline Rose Gingell is a ballet pianist, classical and jazz musician, composer, and songwriter. She began her career in dance accompaniment in 2017 as an apprentice at the Houston Ballet, where she currently works as a ballet pianist and administrative assistant to the pianist coordinator. She also recently joined the Houston Ballet's Education and Community Engagement team, where she plays for a variety of community and school programs, bringing the joy of music and dance to students and adults alike.

She also accompanies college level ballet classes for the University of Houston, and formerly, Florida State University.

In addition to her work with dance, Adeline is a vocal and instrumental accompanist, a former church music director, and a composer and songwriter.

Adeline graduated summa cum laude from Messiah University in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. During her time there she studied classical piano with Ya Ting Chang, collaborative piano with Dr. Patrice Ewoldt, and jazz piano and improvisation with Kirk Reese. Adeline also studied composition with Bruce Yurko, and songwriting at the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, TN with Rick Elias.









About Me

“Art is the thing that makes truth new all over again” 

Madeline L'Engle


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